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Journalism and Mass Communications have attracted considerable attention to and attendance of working media practitioners as well as potential communicators covering various branches of this field. Given that media in Nepal is accorded high priority to skill-based knowledge, an appropriate course imparting extensive skills, backed by theoretical knowledge, will create considerable interest in potential students pursuing such course in the cross-section of Nepal's media industry, which has grown dramatically since the 1990s. Skill is what counts the most in media houses, and a course catering to such needs will go a long way in generating employment.

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This curriculum is tailored to producing skilled human resources who will be qualified with the knowledge and skills demanded by the growing but ever-competing media industry. It will also be the first of its type at this level and with such purpose focusing chiefly on skills

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Diploma In Journalism

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To produce skilled mass communicators and meet the needs of a growing media community requiring qualified hands.

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The course graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills to meeting a variety of professional needs of the media industry in particular and others producing their own in-house media course contents in general.
  • Apply critical thinking skills for analysis, addressing problems, presenting well thought out arguments in keeping with the requirements of the sources, the channels employed and the target audience identified for the intended impact to the maximum extent.
  • Analyze the demands and functioning of various mass media.
  • Apply skills of producing and presenting media course contents in different formats.
  • Analyze issues for a solid foundation of the primary task concerning mass media operations.


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